Feature Code 3119: IBM 36.4GB 10K U320 SCSI Disk Drive

IBM Feature Code 3119
Usually ships in 24 hours or less.
Manufacturer: IBM Corp.


IBM Product Number: 3119

Product Description: pSeries Ultra320 36.4GB, 10,000 RPM, 68 and 80-pin SCSI disk drive module

FRU & Alternate Part Numbers: 00P1514, 00P2679, 00P3065, 07N3173, 07N4803, 07N6343, 07N8783, 09P4438, 09P4439, 26K5299, 34L7383, 34L7389, 34L7703, 71P7439, 80P3151 & 80P3395
Maximum Midrange is registered with Exostar.