PN 85Y5861: IBM 300 GB 2.5 Inch SAS E-MLC SSD

IBM Part Number 85Y5861
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Manufacturer: IBM Corp.


IBM Part: 85Y5861

Product Description: IBM 300 GB 2.5" SAS E-MLC Solid State Drive

2.5-inch SSD
300GB Hard Drive for the IBM Storwize V7000 (2076)

24 bay models of Storwize V7000 enclosures: 2076 Models 124, 224, and 324.
(2076-124) 24-bay V7000 Control Enclosure
(2076-324) 24-bay V7000 Control Enclosure
(2076-224) 24-bay Storage Enclosure Expansion

FRU: 00L4617

Model Numbers:

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