9119-MHE: IBM Power8 Server

IBM Power8 9119-MHE Power E880
IBM Power8 9119-MHE Power E880
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IBM Product Number: 9119-MME

Product Description: IBM Power8 Power E870 Server

More Information:
The IBM Power E880 9119-MHE is scalable big iron that provides the highest levels of world-class enterprise level reliability, availability, flexibility and performance.
By scalable or stackable, that means that up to four E880s can be connected together to create a system with as many as 192 cores (at 4.02GHz) and 16TB of memory.
It essentially replaces the Power 795 in the IBM Power Systems product line and can scale from one to four nodes.
The E880 currently maxes out at 192 cores at 4.02 GHz, but can also do 4.19 and 435 GHz (check the chart below).
With the maximum 32 TB memory, it's designed for in-memory processing and will handle the most complex, mission-critical business needs.

IBM designed this server for users of it's IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration.
Per IBM:
IBM DB2 is optimized to deliver industry-leading performance while lowering costs.
IBM DB2 offers extreme performance, flexibility, scalability and reliability for any size organization.
DB2 is a multi workloads SQL relational database system that is available on demand as a cloud service on Bluemix. Because of that, no hardware is required since everything is on the cloud.

There is a fixed monthly fee to access this, however.

This server includes the OpenStack cloud controller functionality (IBM calls it PowerVC), that links to PowerVM Enterprise (optional on the Power E850 8408-E8E).
This E series or E-class gets PowerVM rather than the PowerKVM that runs on the Linux only LC series.

- One to four 5U system nodes
- One 2U 19-inch rack-mount system control unit drawer
- Only 12U for a system with two system nodes or 22U for a four-node system
- One processor feature per system node
- Static or mobile processor activation features available on a per core basis
- 32 CDIMM slots per system node, a minimum of 16 populated per node
- Active Memory Expansion(optimized onto the processor chip)
- Eight PCIe Gen3 x16 I/O low profile expansion slots per system node
- One slim-line, SATA media bay per control unit enclosure
- Redundant hot-swap ac power supplies
- Two HMC ports per service processor
- Dynamic logical partition support and processor and memory CUoD
- PowerVM Virtualization
- Optional PowerHA for AIX, IBM i, and Linux
- Optional PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer with PCIe Gen3 slots

All IBM hardware we sell is IBM certified, eligible for IBM maintenance contracts, and comes either with an IBM warranty, a Maximum Midrange warranty or both.

SpecificationsPower E880
Machine type - model9119-MHE
System package5U / node, 19 inch rack
Number of system nodes2U system control unit
# of processor sockets1, 2, 3 or 4
POWER8 Processor Options GHz : # of cores4, 8, 12 or 16 cores
(#EPBB) 4.35 GHz : 32,64, 96, or 128 cores
(#EPBS) 4.19 GHz : 40, 80, 120 or 160 cores
(#EPBD) 4.02 GHz: 48, 96, 144, 192 Min 8 cores active
Min - Max memory (min % active) 1600 MHz DDR3 CDIMMs256 GB - 32 TB (50%)
Max 8TB per system node
(#EM8J) 64GB (4X16GB CDIMMs) 1600 MHz, 4GBIT DDR3 DRAM
(#EM8K) 128GB (4X32GB CDIMMs) 1600 MHz, 4GBIT DDR3 DRAM
(#EM8L) 256GB (4X64GB CDIMMs) 1600 MHz, 4GBIT DDR3 DRAM
(#EM8M) 512GB (4X128GB CDIMMs) 1600 MHz, 4GBIT DDR3 DRAM
(#EM8Y) 1024GB (4x256GB CDIMMs) 1600 MHz, 4GBIT, DDR4 DRAM
System node disk/SSD baysN/A - Use EXP24S or SAN
System node Gen3 PCIe x16 slots32 slots with four nodes 8 per node
Max PCI3 Gen3 I/O drws16 (4 per node)
Max PCIe slots: System node plus Gen3 PCIe I/O drawers192 (all in I/O drawer)
Max EXP24S storage drawers168
Max SAS bays for disk or SSD4032
Max total system TB with 1.8 TB drives7,257 TB
AIX rPerf Range (32-core to max core)716 - 3,905.8
IBM i CPW Range (32-core to max core)381,000 - 2,069,000
Capacity on Demand optionsCUoD, Elastic, Utility, Trial for processor & memory, Block elastic days offered at no-charge with initial order
Power Enterprise PoolsYes, with mobile activations on Power 770 (9117-MMD) and/or other Power E870
Power Integrated Facility for LinuxYes
Max partitions1000
IBM i level7.1, 7.2 *
AIX level6.1, 7.1, 7.2 *
Linux supportRHEL 6.5 * SLES 11 *
PowerVM EnterpriseStd

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