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About Us

About us:
Over 10 years ago we formed Maximum Midrange to do the following: Provide high quality new and refurbished / legacy IT hardware to business, to provide it for less cost than what IT managers and procurement people were used to, respond in a timely manner and actually answer our phones. Over 1,000 clients later and over a 98% retention rate we hope we are doing things the right way.

You might notice that we don’t provide pricing on our website.
We get asked why every day. Those that ask are almost always pleased with our answer. To put it simply, the same as our end users, maintenance providers, and business partners – we don’t treat the hardware as a commodity. Put a price out there and you are just a price. Put together options around the client’s needs and requirements, then you have a solution. Take a disk drive for example: do you need just one? (rarely so how about a quantity discount), will they be going under a maintenance contract, are they mission critical or disaster recovery. So why not price that online? Well, a new through distribution drive with a 3-year warranty might be $1,200. A never used off lease drive might be $700 and a refurbished with a lifetime warranty might be $250. Maybe in this case a refurbished drive for a DR site is applicable – saving you $950 per drive. Our clients like solutions such as this.

What do we provide?
Enterprise level hardware to business. Manufacturers include IBM, HP / HPE, Cisco, Brocade, EMC, NetApp, Dell and more. Condition is new through EOL legacy support items. Storage (disk and tape), networking hardware (SAN / WAN), servers and upgrades are the main movers. Be sure to ask about our licensing and third party maintenance options.

We try to keep it simple.
We pick up our phones, we answer our emails, we stand behind our hardware and we appreciate each and every opportunity that our new and existing clients choose to send our way.

A Recent Success Story

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Who: Technology Services Provider
Where: Illinois, USA
What: NetApp 300GB Hard Drives for DS14 MK4

  • MSRP
  • $3,316
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
  • $2,936 more
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  • Maximum Midrange
  • $380
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
    (With Free Shipping)
  • Best Value
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  • eBay
  • $780
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
    (Free Shipping)
  • $400 More
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Full warranties on everything we sell.
Terms available.

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