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December Special

IBM PSeries Server December Special:

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IBM Power 750 Express 8233-E8B Server - Model E8B System Configuration:
  • 0265 AIX Partition
  • 1878 Op Panel Cable for Rack-mount Drawer w/2.5 DASD
  • 1866 146GB 15K RPM SFF SAS Disk Drive
  • 2146 Primary OX - AIX
  • 2325 Processor Activation for #8332
  • 4528 32GB (2x16GB) Memory DIMMs, 1066 MHz, 2Gb DDR3 DRAM
  • 4650 Rack Indicator
  • 4792 Active Memory Expansion Enablement
  • 5000 Software Preload
  • 5624 4-Port 1Gb Integrated Virtual Ethernet Daughter Card
  • 5762 SATA Slimline DVD-RAM Drive
  • 6458 Power Cable - Drawer to IBM PDU, 14-foot, 250V/10A
  • 7715 One Processor Activation
  • 7740 Power Supply, 1725 Watt AC, Hot-swap, Base or Redundant
  • 7794 PowerVM Standard
  • 8332 8-core 3.3 GHz POWER7 Processor Card
  • 8340 Enhanced DASD/Media Backplane for 2.5 DASD/SATA DVD/Tape with External SAS Port
  • 9440 New AIX License Core Counter
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