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To meet the needs of your IT project, Maximum Midrange stocks a complete selection of high quality HP parts that will fit a wide array of applications. Choose from HP controllers and adapters, central processing units, cables, memory, PCI adapters, power supplies and much more.

If the HP parts you're sourcing for are not listed on our website, please call 855-932-6627 and speak directly with our HP product representatives who will source the hardware from our warehouse inventory.

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Who: Technology Services Provider
Where: Illinois, USA
What: NetApp 300GB Hard Drives for DS14 MK4

  • MSRP
  • $3,316
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
  • $2,936 more
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  • Maximum Midrange
  • $380
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
    (With Free Shipping)
  • Best Value
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  • eBay
  • $780
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
    (Free Shipping)
  • $400 More
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