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International Shipping

Nearly 50% of Maximum Midrange's enterprise level computer hardware business is international thanks to our far-reaching scope. We are familiar with international shipping policies, experts with the logistical process and we utilize our channels to ensure your shipment arrives on your dock when you need it.

Why give your order the chance to be held up by a logistics department that is not up to the task? Partner with Maximum Midrange and you can count on your enterprise hardware shipment to arrive when needed. Our team of experts ships hardware internationally every day and there are very few countries in the world today that we don't  have experience shipping to.

Do you have questions about shipping or would you like to request an international shipping quote? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 855-932-6627 to speak with a representative and let us handle all of your international shipping needs.

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Who: Technology Services Provider
Where: Illinois, USA
What: NetApp 300GB Hard Drives for DS14 MK4

  • MSRP
  • $3,316
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
  • $2,936 more
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  • Maximum Midrange
  • $380
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
    (With Free Shipping)
  • Best Value
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  • eBay
  • $780
  • NetApp 300GB Drives
    (Free Shipping)
  • $400 More
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