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Product Spotlight: IBM Power 560 Express 8234-EMA

IBM Power 560 Express 8234-EMA

(The 8234-EMA, if purchased from Maximum Midrange, includes a Lifetime Warranty on parts. Please contact us for full details.)

What is it?
The IBM Power 560 Express 8234-EMA is a server with mainframe-like expandability and reliability. It works great as a database server, application server or for consolidation.


Too good to be true?  
Every once in a while a deal comes up that sounds too good to be true.  Our inventory on the IBM 8234-EMA servers is just that deal.  Tech specs and machine information are below, but here is the point that the Maximum Midrange team wants to get across on this one:
The Price.
The units that we have in stock (configured below) are new, factory sealed, never used.  MSRP on these machines was in excess of $180,000.  We have been providing these to our clients at over 90% off from list price.
As an IT manager you can create additional savings on your end with a purchase of one or several of these machines:

  • Server consolidation.  You can take out several older p5 machines and consolidate to one server – saving power consumption, rack space and maintenance costs.
  • Potentially eliminate maintenance costs.  Virtually every feature on these machines is easily removed and installed.  By having a spare machine on site, you can hot swap disk drives, power supplies, quickly remove and install PCI cards.

Why do I need one?
Other than the price mentioned above, this is one of our favorite servers because it is rock-solid, easy to configure, easy to expand and upgrade hardware is readily available. You can start small (and inexpensive) and build out with memory, drives, expansion units and CPUs as needed.
Even though it reached its end of life at IBM a couple years ago, it can still be powerful enough to replace multiple servers. That means less time and upkeep in your IT department (or for you as a Small Business Owner).
When it first arrived on the scene it was touted as having the fastest processor in the world and things have not changed dramatically in that area, so it is still plenty fast.

Configuration of in stock 8234-EMA:

IBM Code Type QTY
8234-EMA Server 1:8234 Model EMA 1
265 AIX Partition Specify 4
1715 System Bezel 2
1845 Operator Panel 1
1915 Activation of 8 GB DDR2 System Memory 8
1921 0/8GB DDR2 Memory (4X2GB) DIMMS-667 MHz 8
2146 Primary OS - AIX 1
3647 146GB 15K RPM SAS Disk Drive 4
3660 Processor Fabric Cable, 2 enclosure 1
4650 Rack Indicator- Not Factory Integrated 1
5000 Software Preload Required 1
5617 Proccessor Power Regulator 6
5628 Sys AC Power Supply, 1600 W 4
5629 Media Enclosure and Backplane 1
5636 Integrated, 2 Port- 1Gb Virtual Ethernet, I/O ports 1
5639 Integrated, 4 Port- 1Gb Virtual Ethernet, I/O ports 1
5648 Service Interface Card 2
5657 Serv Interface Cable- 2 Enclosure 1
5666 I/O Backplane 2
5667 System Midplane 2
5668 SAS Disk Backplane -6 slot 2
5675 0/4 Core Processor Enclosure and Backplane 2
5683 System Chassis - 4 EIA 2
5699 System Ship Group 1
5706 IBM 2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet PCI-X Adapter 4
5757 IBM 4.7 GB IDE Slimline DVD-RAM Drive 1
5767 2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet PCI Express Adapter 2
5774 4 Gigabit PCI Express Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter 6
6006 Power Control Cable (SPCN) - 3 meter 1
6671 Power Cord 2.7M (9-foot), Drawer to IBM PDU,  250V/10A 4
7164 IBM/OEM Rack-mount Drawer Rail Kit- Adjustable Depth 2
7537 3.6 GHz Proc Card, 0/4 Core POWER6 12 DDR2 Mem Slots 4
7722 One Processor Activation for Processor Feature #7537- N/C 8
7723 One Processor Activation for Processor Feature #7537 8
7870 Power Distribution Backplane 2
7942 PowerVM -Standard Edition 16
9300 Language Group Specify - US English 1


Primary Features for all 8234-EMA:

  • IBM POWER6 3.6 GHz procs
  • 4-, 8-, and 16-core configs
  • Up to 384 GB of DDR2 RAM
  • Memory frequencies up to 667 MHz
  • Up to six SAS DASD drives per CEC enclosure (12 maximum)
  • Modular 19inch rack mount design with one or two CEC enclosures
  • Seven I/O expansion slots per enclosure (14 maximum)
  • Dynamic logical partitions (up to 160 per system (optional)
  • Integrated Virtual Ethernet ports ( select from 1 Gb and 10 Gb options)
  • Can be ordered with the AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating systems (or all three at once as it supports multiple OS)

More specs and options are on the main product page:

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