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Product Spotlight: IBM Storwize V7000 - Software Defined Storage

Product Spotlight: IBM Storwize V7000 - Software Defined Storage

What is it?

The IBM Storwize V7000 (and the IBM Storwize V7000 Unified) is a

virtualized software defined storage system. It is meant to merge workloads so that costs are reduced and management is easier while still keeping the systems scalable and fast.

What is Software Defined Storage?IBM Storwize V7000

Software designed storage is a loose marketing term where pools of storage resources (which are scalable) can be controlled and managed by software rather than the hardware itself. This pooling generally includes abstraction, deduplication, replication, programmability and automation.
Some hardware vendors like to use Software Designed Storage and Virtualization interchangeably, but they are different in that Virtualization is the abstraction of the storage hardware from the control plane, but Software Defined Storage (SDS) adds the automation and programmability mentioned above.
In a perfect world, SDS will create and manage pools of data across all of your storage devices and servers and will be hardware independent.

Why do I need the Storwize V7000?

The Storwize V7000 (and its smaller siblings the V5000, V3700 and V3500) are priced for Small to Medium Business use, but based off earlier Enterprise-level IBM gear. The SAN Volume Controller, Easy Tier and RAID code are from the DS8000 and the browser based web GUI is from the XIV line. They are fast, relatively affordable, highly reliable and readily available. Of course, they have the IBM name behind them and the trust that comes with that.

How do I configure the V7000?

Initial setup is easy. The Storwize unit comes with a USB flash drive with software on it. Plug the drive into a Windows PC and perform some initial setup; transfer the drive to the V7000 where the settings are moved over and then finish your configuration via a web browser. If the Recommended Settings option is chosen in the Storwize setup wizard, the IBM GUI does a good job of walking you through the setup and data transfer process.
While it’s not Enterprise-level difficult, a familiarity with the basic concepts of this type of storage device is helpful.

How much storage does it provide?

There are different hard drive capacities available, but if using 3TB drives in the 12 disk enclosure, the math looks like this:
12 disks x 3TB each = 36TB
36 x 10 enclosures = 360TB
Cluster these out into four systems and we get:
360TB x 4 = 1,400TB or 1.4PB
(One control enclosure will handle up to 9 expansion enclosures That 10 enclosure system  can then be scaled out to a total of four systems.)

What hardware do I need?

The primary outlay is the control enclosures, expansion enclosures and drives:

Enclosure Descriptions Feature Code
IBM Storwize 12 x 3.5-Inch Drive Slot Control Enclosure 2076-112
IBM Storwize 24 x 2.5-Inch Drive Slot Control Enclosure 2076-124
IBM Storwize 12 x 3.5-Inch Drive Slot Expansion Enclosure 2076-212
IBM Storwize 24 2.5-Inch Drive Slot Expansion Enclosure 2076-224


Drives (with part number and feature code cross-reference):

Hard Drive Descriptions Part Number Feature Code
2.5 inch SAS 15K - 146GB 85Y6088 2076-3251
2.5 inch SAS 15K - 300GB 85Y6185 2076-3253
2.5 inch SAS SSD - 200GB 85Y6188 2076-3512
2.5 inch SAS SSD - 300GB 85Y5861 2076-3504
2.5 inch SAS SSD - 400GB 85Y6189 2076-3514
2.5 inch SAS 10K - 300GB 85Y5862, 00Y2682 2076-3203
2.5 inch SAS 10K - 450GB 85Y5863 2076-3204
2.5 inch SAS 10K - 600GB 85Y5864, 00Y2683 2076-3206
2.5 inch SAS 10K - 900GB 00L4568, 00Y2684 2076-3549
2.5 inch NL SAS 7.2K - 1TB 85Y6186 2076-3271
3.5 inch NL SAS 7.2K - 2TB 85Y5869 2076-3302
3.5 inch NL SAS 7.2K - 3TB 85Y6187 2076-3303


How much do they cost?

Pricing on these is definitely heading down from the initial launch price and now is a great time to purchase or just check out pricing on a configuration.
A quick call to 855-632-6627 is the best way to get pricing, an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. works, or use the quote request found on the links to the product pages in this V7000 spotlight.

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