00D1994: Intel X540 ML2 Dual Port 10GbaseT Adapter

Lenovo / IBM Part Number 00D1994 Intel X540 ML2 Dual Port 10GbaseT Adapter for IBM and Lenovo servers.
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Lenovo Part Number: 00D1994
Lenovo Feature Code: Call

Product Description: Intel X540 ML2 Dual Port 10GbaseT Adapter (10Gb Ethernet LAN Adapter) For Lenovo - IBM System x

This Intel X540 ML2 Dual Port 10GbaseT Adapter is guaranteed genuine IBM/Lenovo.

Compatible with Lenovo System x Servers:
x3850 X6/x3950 X6 (3837)
x3650 M5 (5462)
x3550 M5 (5463)
x3850 X6/x3950 X6 (6241, E7-V2)
x3850 X6/x3950 X6 (6241, E7-V3)
x3850 X6/x3950 X6 (6241, E7-V4)
x3750 M4 (8752/8718)
x3750 M4 (8753)
x3550 M5 (8869)
x3650 M5 (8871)
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