15310-CTX-2500-K9: Cisco CTX2500 MA Cross-Connect Card

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Cisco Part Number 15310-CTX-2500-K9
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Cisco Product Number: 15310-CTX-2500-K9

Product Description: CTX2500 MA control, sync, nonblocking cross-connect card.

The 15310-CTX-2500-K9 is a cross-connect card utilized on the Cisco ONS 15310-MA Multiservice Provisioning Platform and it features cross-connect 480x480 synchronous transport signal level 1 and 2128x2180 VT1.5.

The CTX2500 cards are easy to install and hot-pluggable, so they can be installed or removed without turning off the power to the ONS 15310-MA.

Install tips:
After installation, check the CTX2500 card for this LED activity:
- The red FAIL LED turns on for 30 to 45 seconds.
- It then turns off for 5 seconds, and turns back on for 30 seconds.
- The red FAIL LED blinks for 20 seconds, and turns off for 5 seconds.
- All LEDs turn on for 2 seconds.
- The ACT/STBY LED turns on. It is green if the card is active, or amber if the card is standby.

In CTC, check to make sure it appears properly in node view.

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