2498-B24: IBM SAN24B-4 Switch

IBM Product Number 2498-B24
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IBM Product Number: 2498-B24
There is not an actual PN or FRU for the 2498-B24 in the Service Guide so IBM Support will need to be contacted.

Product Description: System Storage SAN24B-4 model B24 switch

Brocade Equivalent: Brocade 300 Switch

The IBM SAN24B-4 Express 2498-B24 with High Perfomance 8GB FC (Fibre Channel) technology offers:
-Ports on Demand delivers 8 to 16 or 24 ports scalability.
-Compatible with 1, 2 and 4 Gbps FC links
-Accepts diffent speeds Shortwave and longwave SFPs
-Support for Inter-switch link (ISL) trunking
-Easily installed, simple to use for Rack-mount or table-top
-Intelligent management and monitoring
-Data Transfer Rate 8.5 Gbps
-Data Link Protocol 8Gb Fibre Channel
-Processor: 1 x IBM PowerPC 440EPx 667 MHz
-1GB Flash Memory

This SAN24B-4 Express switch is a 24-port auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, or 8 Gbps FC switch for FC SANs. The 2498-B24 offers up to 24 ports of high-performance 8 Gbps technology and Ports on Demand from 8 to 16 or 24. This switch brings excellent value for your money as a building block of a small SAN with the ability to grow with your needs. It can be set up as a full fabric FC SAN switch, or as an NPIV-enabled Access Gateway device.

Width 16.88 in.
Height 1.69 in.
Depth 12.07 in.
Weight 9.5 lbs

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More info:

Base features include:
- Access Gateway
- Dynamic Path Selection
- EZ Switch Setup Wizard
- Security
- Advanced Diagnostic Tools
- Port Fencing
- Buffer Credit Recovery
- Traffic Isolation Zones
- Interopmode 2 and 3 for Connection to M-Series

FC 7201 (45W0503) the B24 Enterprise Package includes:
- FC 7200 (45W0502) 2 8-Port Activations
- Fabric Watch
- Advanced Performance Monitoring
- ISL Trunking
- Adaptive Networking

Intended environments:
- Entry
- Workgroup
- Department
- Edge

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