3584-L23: IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library

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IBM 3584-L23 System Storage TS3500 Tape Library
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IBM Product Number: 3584-L23

Product Description: IBM System Storage TS3500 tape library

Tape is not dead. The TS3500 Tape Library offers massive storage options for backups and archiving.
The TS3500 tape library starts with a base module and can scale out to 16 library frames with 192 drives, so you can start big and go bigger (all the way to 2.7 Exabytes).
Not sure where to start? Maximum Midrange can help with free and no-hassle consulting to nail down your storage requirements and get you started.
We also offer individual drives for adding to your library or upgrading.
At upgrade time, check with us, as we can often purchase your old drives and hardware.

Maximum Midrange offers free before the sale consultation and free pricing information on these tape systems.
Let us help you configure one today.

Ask us about the following options:
  • 3584-L23 (Base frame for TS1140, TS1130, TS1120 or 3592)
  • 3584-D23 (Expansion frame and drive capable for the TS1140, TS1130, TS1120 or 3592)
  • 3584-S24 (Expansion frame for 3592 cartridges)
  • 3584-L53 (Base frame for LTO)
  • 3584-D53 (Expansion frame and drive capable for LTO)
  • 3584-S54 (Expansion frame for LTO)
  • 3584-HA1 (Service bay frame)
  • 3584-SC1 (Library strings shuttle connector)
  • TS1140 tape drive
  • TS1130 tape drive
  • TS1120 tape drive
  • 3592 tape drives (or LTO 1-6 tape drives)

You can purchase this library, expansion frames, additional or replacement drives with confidence.
All IBM tape hardware we sell is 100% IBM and eligible for IBM or third party maintenance.

More specs:
The 3584 machine type works with the L22, L23, L32, L52 and L53 control frames and the D22, D23, D32, D42, D52 and D53 expansion frames.

The 3584 offers the following interfaces:
Ultrium 2:
- FC Fabric
Ultrium 1:

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