3592-E07: IBM TS1140 E07 8Gbps FC Tape Drive

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IBM Part Number 3592-E07
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IBM Product Number: 3592-E07

Product Description: System Storage TS1140 Model E07 8Gbps Fibre Channel Tape Drive

More Information:

The TS1140 Drive comes with GMR head technology (Giant Magnetoresistive Heads) and dual-ported switched fabric 8 Gbps Fibre Channel attachments, for attachment to multiple servers or a single server with redundancy.

Generally, this Tape Drive is for installation in a TS3500 or racks that offer stand-alone installations. Either way, the tape drive comes enclosed in a canister.
For a rack install, the left drive cradle (with a shelf) must be installed before the right drive cradle can be installed.

For installation in a rack (feature #4674 provides the hardware and instructions to install the 3592 E07/E08 tape drive canister in a rack), up to two TS1140 E07 Tape Drives can be installed in each cradle feature (#4802 or #4812). The cradle requires 10 rack units. Two cradles can be mounted on a shelf, for a total of 4 tape drives on a shelf.
Up to 12 TS1140 drives will fit in a 3584 Model L22, L23, D22, or D23 frame.
The 3584 Model L22 or L23 Base Frame and Model D22 or D23 Expansion Frame are designed for TS1140 Model E07, TS1130 Model E06, TS1120 Model E05, and 3592 Model J1A Tape Drives and 3592 cartridges. Each frame supports up to twelve tape drives with an incremental reduction of storage slots for each set of four drives installed.

Maximum Midrange can also help with following features related to this tape drive:
- Rack Left Cradle: Feature Code 4802
- Rack Right Cradle: Feature Code 4812
- Encryption: Feature Code 5596
- 13 M LC/SC Fibre Cable: Feature Code 5913
- 22 M LC/SC Fibre Cable: Feature Code 5922
- 61 M LC/SC Fibre Cable: Feature Code 5961
- 13 M LC/LC Fibre Cable: Feature Code 6013
- 25 M LC/LC Fibre Cable: Feature Code 6025
- 61 M LC/LC Fibre Cable: Feature Code 6061

Display panel:
- 8 character LED display
- Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592 (see below)
Host attachments:
- Fibre Channel attach
- Fibre Channel attach; FICON with 3592-C07 Tape Controller (E07 only)
- Fibre Channel attach; ESCON or FICON with the TS1120 (C06) Controller (E07 only)
- Dual 8 Gb Fibre Channel Interfaces
Uncompressed Data capacity:
- See the table below
Data transfer rate:
- 800 MB/s
Tape speed read/write max:
- 4.17 m/s
Approximate usable tape length:
- 842 m (Adv Type C)
Load to ready:
- 19 seconds
Search and rewind speed:
- 12.4 m/s (488 in./s)
Maximum rewind time:
- 76 seconds
Data rate with 3:1 compression:
- 650 MB/s
Native data rate:
- 250 MBps

Media TypeNative capacity and Part number
Data, JA640 GB (596.04 GiB) E06 format (18P7534)
Data, JA500 GB (465.66 GiB) E05 format (18P7534)
Data, JARead-only J1A format (18P7534)
Extended data, JB1 600 GB (1490.12 GiB) E07 format (23R9830)
Extended data, JB1 000 GB (931.32 GiB) E06 format (23R9830)
Extended data, JB700 GB ( 651.93 GiB) E05 format (23R9830)
Advanced Type C data, JC4 TB (3.64 TiB)E07 format (46X7452)
Advanced Type D read/write, JDNot supported (2727263)
Economy, JJ128 GB (119.21 GiB) E06 format (24R0316)
Economy, JJ100 GB (93.13 GiB) E05 format (24R0316)
Economy, JJRead-only J1A format (24R0316)
Advanced Type C economy, JK500 GB (465.66 GiB) (46X7453)
Advanced Type D economy, JLNot supported (2727264)
Economy WORM, JR128 GB (119.21 GiB) E06 format (24R0317)
Economy WORM, JR100 GB (93.13 GiB) E05 format (24R0317)
Economy WORM, JRRead-only J1A format (24R0317)
WORM, JW640 GB (596.04 GiB) E06 format (18P7538)
WORM, JW500 GB (465.66 GiB) E05 format (18P7538)
WORM, JWRead-only J1A format (18P7538)
Extended WORM, JX1 600 GB (1490.12 GiB) E07 format (23R9831)
Extended WORM, JX1 000 GB (931.32 GiB) E06 format (23R9831)
Extended WORM, JX700 GB ( 651.93 GiB) E05 format (23R9831)
Advanced Type C WORM, JY4 TB (3.64 TiB) E07 format (46X7454)
Advanced Type D WORM, JZNot supported (2727265)
Cleaning, CLNxxxJA5N/A (18P7535)

Small size (3.8" x 7.8" x 18.4") allow 4 drives in the space required for the previous 3590.

Supported IBM Servers:
System p
System i
System x
System z (System z requires the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Controller 3590-A60 or 3592-J70)

Also works with:
IBM OS/400
Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, Server 2003, XP
Sun Solaris

For a comparison chart of the IBM 3592 tape drives, see our blog: http://www.maximummidrange.com/blog/ibm-3592-tape-comparison

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