8234-EMA: IBM POWER6 p560 Server

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IBM Part Number 8234-EMA
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IBM Product Number: 8234-EMA

Product Description: Power 560 Express server

The IBM Power 560 Express 8234-EMA is a server with mainframe-like expandability and reliability. It works great as a database server, application server or for consolidation.

The 8234-EMA offers Enterprise level dependability and expansion capabilities at an entry-level price.
- Dependable
- Easy to configure
- Easy to expand
- Readily available upgrade hardware

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Configuration options:

IBM Power 560 Express 8234-EMA
Form Factor 19 inch rack drawer - 4U
CPU 64-bit POWER6+
Processor Cores (4 per proc card) 4, 8 or 16
Clock rate 3.6 GHz
System memory minimum 8 GB (max 96 GB per processor card)
System memory maximum 384 GB (with 4 processor cards)
L1 cache 64 KB
L2 cache 8 MB per dual core chip for a max 64 MB
L3 cache 32 MB per dual-core chip for a max 256 MB
Chipkill memory Yes
Hot-swappable disks Yes
Hot-plug slots Yes
Redundant hot-plug power supplies Yes
Redundant hot-plug cooling Yes
Maximum CEC PCI slots (16-core) 4 PCI-X DDR (64-bit) -- 8 PCIe 8x
Maximum PCI slots with CEC plus PCI-X 12X I/O drawers 76 PCI-X DDR (64-bit) -- 7 PCIe 8x
Maximum PCI slots with CEC plus PCIe 12X I/O drawers 4 PCI-X DDR (64-bit) + 67 PCIe 8x
Maximum PCI slots with CEC plus RIO I/O drawers 4 PCI-X DDR + 7 PCIe + (126 PCI-X if AIX)
Internal SAS disk bays Six 3.5" SAS drives per 560 building block
Maximum CEC Disk bays (16 core) 12 3.5-inch SAS
CEC media bays (16-core) 2 (One per building block)
Maximum CEC disk storage 73GB - 39.6TB - Check with Maximum Midrange for more options
Integrated Virtual Ethernet 2-4 10/100/1000 Mbps ports or 2 10 Gigabit ports
Maximum I/O loops (12X and/or RIO) 4-core: 1 - 8-core: 2 - 16-core: 3
Maximum PCI-X 12X I/O drawers 12 (max 4 drawers per loop)
Maximum PCIe 12X I/O drawers 6 (max 2 drawers per loop)
Maximum RIO I/O drawers 18 (max 6 drawers per loop)
Maximum disk drives 1332

Popular Feature Codes:

1882 146.8GB 10K RPM SAS SFF HDD
1883 73.4 GB 15K RPM SAS SFF HDD
1885 300GB 10K RPM SFF SAS HDD
1886 146GB 15K RPM SFF SAS HDD
1888 139GB 15K RPM SFF SAS HDD
1917 146GB 15k RPM SAS SFF-2 HDD
1925 300GB 10k RPM SAS SFF-2 HDD
3647 146GB 15K RPM SAS HDD
3648 300GB 15K RPM SAS HDD
3649 450GB 15K RPM SAS HDD
3658 428GB 15K RPM SAS HDD
1915 Activation of 8 GB DDR2 System Memory
1921 0/8GB DDR2 Memory (4X2GB) DIMMS-667 MHz
1922 0/16GB DDR2 Memory (4X4GB) DIMMS-533 MHz
1923 0/32GB DDR2 Memory (4X8GB) DIMMS-400 MHz
5628 Sys AC Power Supply, 1600 W
7537 3.6 GHz Proc Card, 0/4 Core POWER6, 12 DDR2 Memory Slots

Primary Features:

  • 3.6 GHz processor
  • 4-, 8-, and 16-core configs
  • Up to 384 GB of DDR2 RAM
  • Up to six SAS DASD drives per building block (12 max)
  • Modular 19 inch rack mount design with one or two CEC enclosures (building blocks)
  • Seven I/O expansion slots per enclosure (14 max)
  • Dynamic logical partitions (up to 160 per system (optional)
  • Integrated Virtual Ethernet ports ( select from 1 Gb and 10 Gb options)
  • AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating systems (or all three at once as it supports multiple OS)

(See our Product Spotlight on this server here: http://www.maximummidrange.com/product-spotlight-ibm-power-560-express-8234-ema.html)

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