8286-41A: IBM Power8 Server

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IBM Power8 8286-41A S814
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Who is this server for?
The IBM Power S814 server is designed for mid-sized businesses.
However, we have seen them in small business all the way up to to smaller Enterprise level.
It can help you capitalize on new opportunities, manage business risk, and keep your budget watchers happy.

The IBM Power S814 (8286-41A) server is designed for security, stability and efficiency.
The S814 is a 1 socket system with a 6 core POWER8 processor and is available in either rack or tower form factors.
If 8-core performance is required, only rack mount form factor is available.

The 8286-41A supports a max of 8 DDR3 CDIMM slots.
Supported memory includes: 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB, that run at speeds of 1600 Mbps. Maximum memory is 512GB.

All IBM hardware we sell is IBM certified, eligible for IBM maintenance contracts, and comes either with an IBM warranty, a Maximum Midrange warranty or both.

SpecificationsPower S814
Machine type - model8286-41A
System package4U, 19 inch rack or tower
# of processor sockets1
POWER8 Processor Options3.02 GHz - 4 cores (EPXK)
3.02 GHz - 6 cores (EPX0)
3.72 GHz - 8 cores (EPX6)
Max memory (1600 MHz DIMMs)4-core: 64 GB
6/8-core: 1 TB
Memory Features16 GB 1600 MHz (EM8B)
32 GB 1600 MHz (EM8Z)
64 GB 1600 MHz (EM8D)
128 GB 1600 MHz (EM8E)
PCIe Gen3 slots7
Max PCIe slots: System node plus Gen3 PCIe I/O drawers4-core : 6
6/8 core 17
System drive bays - standard backplane4-core: 10
6/8-core: 12 SFF-3
System drive bays - split backplane4-core: 5+5 SFF-3
6/8-core: 6+6 SFF-3
System drive bays with expanded function backplane4-core: 10 SFF-3
6/8-core: 18 SFF-3
Max EXP24S storage drawers4-core: n/a
6/8-core: 28
Max total EXP24S disk/SSD4-core: n/a
6/8-core: 672
Max total system unit + EXP24S with 1.8TB drives4 core: 3.0 TB 4
6/8 core: 1,245 TB
AIX rPerf Range66.9 - 143.9
IBM i CPW Range39,500 - 85,500
Capacity on DemandN/A
Max partitions160
IBM i level7.1, 7.2
AIX level6.1, 7.1, 7.2
Linux supportBE: RHEL 6.6,7.1 SLES 11
LE: Ubuntu 14.04, SLES 12, RHEL 7.1
Systems Director Editions (w/ VMControl)Optional

When you purchase IBM Power8 servers and hardware from Maximum Midrange, you join other clients such as Boeing, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and hospitals and universities throughout the United States, Canada and the world.
We have a history of client satisfaction and return customers.
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