9110-51A: IBM p5 510 POWER5 Series Server

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IBM Product Number 9110-51A
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IBM Product Number: 9110-51A

Product Description: System p5 510 POWER5 series server

Rock solid, dependable, affordable and readily available upgrade or replacement hardware are some of the reasons we love the IBM 9110-51A.
All refurbished systems are IBM original, tested and available for IBM maintenance or check with Maximum Midrange for other support options.
We also offer a full line of replacement or upgrade memory, disks or cards.
Need tape or disk backup options? Contact us and we can offer multiple options to fit your budget and storage needs.

Major features / specs
- 2U Rack-mount
- 1, 2 or 4-way configuration
- 1.5 GHz, 1.65GHz, 1.9 GHz, or 2.1 GHz 64-bit P5 processors
- Four disk drive bays (hot swap)
- One non hot swap bay for slimline DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM
- Maximum 32 GB memory in 8 slots (4 banks of 2)
- Three PCI-X slots
- Integrated dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet
- Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI controller
- One external SCSI port
- Two USB
- 700 Watt Power Supply

- The p5-510 config offers either 1 or 2 core 1.9 or 2.1 GHz core processors with 36MB Level 3 cache
- The p5-510Q config offers 4 core 1.5 or 1.65 GHz processors with 36MB Level 3 cache

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