UCSC-C240-M3S: Cisco UCS C240 M3 SFF, no CPU, memory, HDD, pwr sply, or PCIe

UCSC-C240-M3S: Cisco UCS C240 M3 SFF, no CPU, memory, HDD, pwr sply, or PCIe
Cisco UCS C240 M3 SFF, no CPU, memory, HDD, pwr sply, or PCIe
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Part Number: UCSC-C240-M3S

Product Description: Cisco UCS C240 M3 SFF, no CPU, memory, HDD, pwr sply, or PCIe

The UCS C240 M3 SFF rack server is designed for performance and expandability for storage-heavy infrastructure workloads from big data to collaboration.
Originally considered (and still is) enterprise-class, the UCS C240 M3 pricing in coming in line with more budget minded operations.
The server extends the capabilities of Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) family in a 2 Rack Unit form factor. Basic specs include the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 and E5-2600 series processor family, 24 DIMM slots, up to 24 drives and 4 x 1 GbE LOM ports to provide outstanding levels of internal memory and storage expandability.

ModelC240 M3 High-Density Rack-Mount Server SFF
Product LineCisco UCS
Drive Form Factor2.5 inch Hot Swap Internal
Drive InterfaceSATA/SAS
Total HS Drive Bays24
Drives Included0
Form FactorRack-mountable (2RU)
Depth28 in
Height3.4 in
Weight32.19 lbs
Width17.5 in
Expansion Slots
DIMM 240-pin
PCIe 3.0 x 16
PCIe 3.0 x 8
Interfaces1 x Serial
2 x USB 2.0
1 x RJ-45 Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
4 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet)
Chipset TypeIntel C600
Processor SocketLGA2011 Socket
Data Link ProtocolEthernet , Fast Ethernet , Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet ControllersIntel I350
Ethernet Ports4 x Gigabit Ethernet
Remote Management ProtocolCLI , IPMI 2.0
Power Supplies1 or 2
Memory Integrity CheckAdvanced ECC
Memory Slots24
Memory Form FactorDIMM 240-pin
Installed Size0 MB
Max Memory384 GB
TechnologyDDR3 SDRAM Low-voltage , Mirroring , Registered
VideoIntegrated Matrox G200 VGA

Compatible RAM
UCS-ML-1X324RY-A32 GB DDR3-1600-MHz LR DIMM - PC3-12800 - 4R - x4 - 1.35v
UCS-ML-1X324RZ-A32 GB DDR3-1866-MHz LR DIMM - PC3-14900 - 4R - 4x - 1.5v
UCS-MR-1X162RY-A16 GB DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMM - PC3-12800 - 2R - x4 - 1.35v
UCS-MR-1X162RZ-A16 GB DDR3-1866-MHz RDIMM PC3-14900 - 2R - x4 -
UCS-MR-1X082RY-A8 GB DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMM - PC3-12800 - 2R - x4 - 1.35v
UCS-MU-1X042RE-A4 GB DDR3-1600-MHz ECC UDIMM - PC3-12800 - 2R - x8 - 1.35v
UCS-MR-1X041RX-A4 GB DDR3-1333-MHz RDIMM - PC3-10600 - 1R - x4 - 1.35V
UCS-MR-1X041RY-A4 GB DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMM - PC3-12800 - 1R - x4 - 1.35V
UCS-MR-1X082RX-A8 GB DDR3-1333-MHz RDIMM - PC3-10600 - 2R - x4 - 1.35V
UCS-MR-1X082RZ-A8 GB DDR3-1866-MHz RDIMM - PC3-14900 - 2R - x4 - 1.5V

Compatible CPU
Product Id (PID)Intel PNPowerWattsCacheCoresQPIDDR3 Clock support
UCS-CPU-E52697BE5-2697B v22.7 GHz13030 MB128 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52695BE5-2695B v22.4 GHz11530 MB128 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52690BE5-2690B v23 GHz13025 MB108 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52680BE5-2680B v22.8 GHz11525 MB108 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52670BE5-2670B v22.5 GHz11525 MB108 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52667BE5-2667B v23.3 GHz13025 MB88 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52660BE5-2660B v22.2 GHz9525 MB108 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52650BE5-2650B v22.6 GHz9520 MB88 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52640BE5-2640B v22 GHz9520 MB87.2 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E52637BE5-2637B v23.5 GHz13015 MB48 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52630BE5-2630B v22.6 GHz8015 MB67.2 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E52620BE5-2620B v22.1 GHz8015 MB67.2 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E52643BE5-2643B v23.5 GHz13025 MB68 GT/s1866
UCS-CPU-E52650LBE5-2650LB v21.7 GHz7025 MB108 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E52630LBE5-2630LB v22.4 GHz6015 MB67.2 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E52609BE5-2609B v22.5 GHz8010 MB46.4 GT/s1333
UCS-CPU-E5-2690E5-26902.9 GHz13520 MB88 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2680E5-26802.7 GHz13020 MB88 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2670E5-26702.6 GHz11520 MB88 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2667E5-26672.9 GHz13015 MB68 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2665E5-26652.4 GHz11520 MB88 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2660E5-26602.2 GHz9520 MB88 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2650E5-26502 GHz9520 MB88 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2650LE5-2650L1.8 GHz7020 MB88 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2643E5-26433.3 GHz13010 MB48 GT/s1600
UCS-CPU-E5-2640E5-26402.5 GHz9515 MB67.2 GT/s1333
UCS-CPU-E5-2630E5-26302.3 GHz9515 MB67.2 GT/s1333
UCS-CPU-E5-2630LE5-2630L2 GHz6015 MB67.2 GT/s1333
UCS-CPU-E5-2620E5-26202 GHz9515 MB67.2 GT/s1333
UCS-CPU-E5-2609E5-26092.4 GHz8010 MB46.4 GT/s1066

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