VNX5400 Dell EMC NAS server

VNX5400 Dell EMC NAS server
Dell EMC VNX5400 Unified Storage System
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Dell EMC VNX Part Number: VNX5400

Product Description: Dell EMC VNX5400 Unified Storage System

All EMC VNX2 models support 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch SAS drives using either the 15-drive DAE, 25-drive DAE, 60-drive DAE, or 120-drive DAE and they also utilize the 6 Gb/s SAS back-end.
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives, Near Line Serial Attached SCSI (NL-SAS) disk drives, and Flash drives are supported.

The EMC VNX2 series offers:
- PCI-E Gen 3 I/O modules
- 6 Gb/s x 4 lanes SAS back-end infrastructure
- Up to x 8 wide (6 Gb/s x 8 lanes) high-bandwidth connection to 60 drive DAE with new 6 Gb SAS I/O module
- Intel Xeon E5 multicore processors
- Expanded UltraFlex I/O, with denser packaging
- NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) certified DC-powered arrays on the VNX5200, VNX5400, and VNX5600
- Block functionality that supports the FC, iSCSI, and FCoE protocols
- File functionality that supports the NFS, CIFS, and pNFS protocols
- Maximum of up to 1,500 drives
- 120-drive DAE
- Automated tiering with Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) for block and file data
- Controller based, drive level, Data-At-Rest Encryption
- Updated unified management with Unisphere delivers a cohesive, unified user experience

Install tips:
- Spread flash drives across all available buses, and place them in the lowest numbered enclosures
- Use your flash storage for the active dataset for the best performance
- Plan to reserve at least one of every 30 installed drives of a given type for Hot Sparing. Hot sparing rebuilds the data from a failed drive onto a selected compatible drive. The count can be checked in the GUI at "System->Hot Spare Policy" and at the command line with "naviseccli hotsparepolicy -list"

What drives do you need?
SAS Flash
For extreme performance; these provide the best performance for transactional random workloads, and the lowest write service times. Required for Multicore FAST Cache.

SAS Flash VP
For extreme performance FAST VP tier; these are a higher capacity flash option. Not for use with Multicore FAST Cache.

For general performance tier.

NL-SAS (generally mechanically the same as 7,200 RPM SATA disks, but feature a SAS interface)
For less active data, well-behaved streaming data, archive purposes, and backups.

EMC VNX Acronyms:
BBU = Battery Backup Units
DAE = Disk Array Enclosures
DME = Data Mover Enclosure
DPE = Disk Processor Enclosure
NEBS = Network Equipment-Building System
SP = Storage Processors
SPE = Storage Processor Enclosure
SPS = Li-Ion Standby Power Supplies

Specs for the Dell EMC VNX5400 Unified Storage System:
Specs:Dell EMC VNX 5400
Max Raw Capacity1.0 PB
Min/Max Drives4/250
Max Total Ports per Array36
Max FC Ports per Array32
1 GBaseT iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array32
10 GbE iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array16
Max FCoE Total Ports per Array16
Max FAST Cache1TB
Max SAN Hosts1,024
IO Modules per Array8
Max Number of Pools20
Max Number of LUNs (Pool)1,000
Max Number of LUNs (Classic)2,048
ProtocolFibre Channel
Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
Network File System (NFS)
SMB 3.0 (CIFS)
Drive Enclosure2.5 inch SAS/Flash (2U), 25 drives
2.5 inch SAS/Flash (3U), 120 drives
3.5 inch SAS/Flash (3U), 15 drives
3.5 inch SAS/Flash (4U), 60 drives
CPU per Array2 x Intel Xeon E5-2600 4-Core 1.8 GHz
Memory per Array32 GB
Max Total Ports per Array36
2/4/8 Gb/s FC Max Ports per Array32
1 GBASE-T iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array32
Max FCoE Ports Per Array16
10 GbE iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array16
RAID Options0/1/10/3/5/6
Qty of Data Movers1-4
Data Mover CPUIntel Xeon 5600
Data Mover RAM6 GB
IO Modules per Data Mover3
Max FC Ports per Data Mover4
Max IP Ports per Data Mover8
Max 1 GBaseT Ports per Data Mover8
Max 10 GbE Ports per Data Mover4
Standby Power1 Battery per storage processor
Primarily ForMid-Range Storage
Storage Consolidation

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