– Affordable enough for small business.
– Powerful enough for medium business to data centers.
– Lots of blinky lights.
– Great pricing.

The future-ready ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server is a beast of a machine. It’s fast and it looks cool.
When it first came out, HP’s marketing materials said it would fix all your server bottlenecks whether it’s storage, CPU power or expansion.
Know what? They were right.

We are fans of the HP ProLiant line at Maximum Midrange and we run them here, but even we were surprised at the speed and power of this eighth gen DL380p.

When first released, you got what you paid for. Great speed and a pretty big price. MSRP on this 709943-001 version was $10,749.
Pricing now? Maximum Midrange has the 709943-001 variant at $8,495.

The ProLiant DL380p Gen8 servers were released in three performance tiers:
– Entry
– Base
– Performance
(see the bottom of this article for a quick comparison)
This 709943-001 Gen8 falls in the “Performance Tier” and it shows.

There’s more to like with these servers. We appreciate the planning of the interior that HP did with these. They are clean with no cables in the way and very easy to work on if the need arises. If the need does arise, HP has done a great job with the LEDs to show you what’s wrong:

  • Green: System health normal.
  • Amber: There is a failure, but redundant systems are keeping the server operational.
  • Red: Critical failure that causes the system to power down.
  • If the problem can be fixed without getting inside the case, the External Health LED turns on.
  • If the case needs to be opened, the Internal Health LED lights up.

(Tip: install the HP System Management software before a problem arises. It does a great job of showing what’s wrong.)

If you like blinky lights, the Gen 8 with SmartDrive has plenty to spare.
The Smart Drive LED states are:

  • Off: The drive is not configured by a RAID controller.
  • Solid green: Hard drive is configured and a member of one or more logical drives.
  • Blinking green: Drive is rebuilding data or performing a RAID migration, stripe size migration, capacity expansion, logical drive extension or is erasing.
  • Blinking green/amber: Configured and predictive failure.
  • Blinking amber: Not configured and predictive failure.
  • Solid amber: Hard drive has failed
  • Solid blue: Drive is being identified
  • Blinking Blue: Drive needs a firmware update or it is updating

On top of that, whenever the drive is active the “Activity Ring” is spinning green.
So, there’s a lot of flashing going on, but we like the looks and knowing the health of the system at a glance.

Specs for the HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 709943-001 Server

  • Processors: 2 Intel Xeon E5-2690v2 (3.0GHz/10-core/130W)
  • Memory: 2 16GB 2Rx4 PC3-14900R-13 (total of 24 DIMM slots)
  • Storage controller: HP Embedded P420i SA Controller + 2GB FBWC (with battery)
  • Network Card: HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2P 533FLR-T FIO Adapter
  • Drive cage: HP 8-Bay SFF Cage
  • Rail kits: HP 2U SFF BB Gen8 Rail Kit
  • Riser Kit: HP DL380p G8 3Slot PCIe Riser Kit
  • Power supply: Two HP 750W Hot Plug
  • Form Facto: 2U
  • UPC: 887111678140
  • Rail kits and Riser kits included

Savings on this server from the original list is $2,254.
For $8,495 it is a lot of server and one we are proud to offer.

Want to discuss further?
Our HP specialist would love to talk to you about this machine. (Be ready for a little boasting on it’s capabilities.)

Email works, but a phone call works better 855-932-6627.

We look forward to hearing from you!
HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 709943-001 Server

1 or 2 Intel Xeon Processor (80w)
4G DDR3 RDIMM Memory
FlexibleLOM: 4x1G Ethernet
3 PCIe slots
8 SFF HD Bays
1 x 460w Power Supply
1 or 2 Intel Xeon Processor (95w)
16G DDR3 RDIMM Memory
FlexibleLOM: 4x1G Ethernet
3 PCIe slots
8 SFF HD Bays
1 x 460w Power Supply
2 Intel Xeon Processor (95w)
32G DDR3 RDIMM Memory
FlexibleLOM: 4x1G Ethernet or 2x10G Ethernet
6 PCIe slots
8 SFF HD Bays
2 x 750w Power Supply

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