HP categorizes their Sold State Drives in multiple ways, but what do they mean?

When reading HP’s Quickspecs or other materials for their SSDs, it is common to run across these terms:
Read Intensive
Mixed Use
Write Intensive
High Endurance (HE)
Mainstream Endurance (ME)
Light Endurance (LE)
Value Endurance (VE)

HP Enterprise SSDs can be had in three wide application categories based on their typical target workloads: Read Intensive, Mixed Use and Write Intensive.

But, HP also throws in the High, Mainstream, Light and Value Endurance categories, which line up somewhat with the three usage categories.

(Both of these HP SSDs categories include the 12 and 6 Gb SAS or 6 Gb SATA.)

This is how they work.

  • Read Intensive: Solid cost-to-performance benefits for applications that demand low latency read speeds and greater bandwidth.
    These SSDs are generally the most inexpensive.
  • Mixed Use: Based on a parallel processing architecture to deliver tested and proven reliability.
    Generally middle ground for pricing.
  • Write Intensive: Featuring an I/O pattern designed to support applications with heavy write workloads.
    Of these three categories, the Write Intensive drives are usually the most expensive.

Going in the same order of most expensive to least are the Endurance categories.

  • High Endurance (HE): Generally indicates SSDs in the 25 DWPD write endurance level
  • Mainstream Endurance (ME): Generally indicates SSDs in the 10 DWPD write endurance level
  • Light Endurance (LE): Generally indicates SSDs in the 3 DWPD write endurance level
  • Value Endurance (VE): Generally indicates SSDs below 1 DWPD write endurance level

Besides speed and IOPS, some of the price difference between these endurance categories is how often the complete drive can be overwritten, since flash supports a limited number of write cycles.

The same info is layed out in the tables below.
In the tables, DWPD is referenced which means: Drive Writes Per Day.
This DWPD is the maximum number of 4K host writes to the entire drive capacity of the SSD per day over a five-year period.

We hope this helps, and if we missed anything, please let us know in the comments section below.
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