For disaster recovery protection or long-term data retention, tape is the way to go.
In general, costs are half that of disk and longevity is four times as long.

It’s no secret that we love tape backup solutions here at Maximum Midrange and IBM’s 3592 line is very popular here.
Many of the searches that hit our websites are concerning specs on this line of tape drive.
So, with that in mind, here is a simple comparison chart to help with that.

Free support is always available for further questions or purchase options.
If you are looking to upgrade, let us know and we might be able to purchase your old hardware.

IBM 3592 Tape Drive Comparison

Uncompressed Capacity300 GB700 GB1 TB4 TB
Compressed Capacity900 GB2.0 TB3 TB12 TB
Native Data Transfer Rate40 MB/sec104 MB/sec160 MB/sec250 MB/sec
JJ Media60 GB100 GB128 GB500 GB
JA Media300 GB500 GB640 GB1.6 TB
JB MediaN/A700 GB1 TB4 TB
Tape Libraries34943584 and 3494TS3400, TS3500 and 3494TS3500
Check with Maximum Midrange on WORM compatibility and other compatible tape libraries.

IBM 3592 Tape Drive Media

IBM Part NumberMedia TypeDescription
23R9830JBExtended Data 700GB
23R9815JBExtended Data 700GB with Color Label
23R9811JBExtended Data 700GB with Color Label & Initialized
23R9831JXExtended Data WORM 700GB
23R9823JBExtended Data WORM 700GB with Color Label
23R9819JXExtended Data WORM 700GB with Color Label & Initialized
18P7538JWWORM 300GB
24R0456JWWORM 300GB with Color Label & Initialized
18P9271JA300GB with Color Label
18P9263JA300GB with Color Label & Initialized
24R0460JWWORM 300GB with Color Label
24R0316JJEconomy 60GB Native Capacity
24R0317JREconomy 60GB WORM
24R0448JJEconomy 60GB Native with Color Label & Initialized
24R0486JAEconomy 60GB WORM with Color Label
18P7535cleaning3592 Cleaning Cartridge
18P8792cleaning3592 Cleaning Cartridge
Check with Maximum Midrange for pricing/availability for media & cleaning cartridges for your 3592 drive.
IBM 3592 Tape Drive

IBM 3592 Tape Drive

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