IBM FlashSystem 710 vs IBM FlashSystem 810

What’s the difference?

If you’re reading this article, you can probably guess that the primary differences are speedcapacity and price.
But, how much?

A head’s up to our regular readers… This article is quite similar to our 720 and 820 comparison, but it proved quite popular so we have revamped it for the 710 and 810 series.

The FlashSystem 710 uses SLC (Single level cell) flash technology versus eMLC (Enterprise multi level cell) on the 800.
There is really very little difference between the 710 and 810 (even less than between the 720 and 820) Read latency, write latency and write IOPS are pretty much the same between these two. The primary difference comes with the read IOPS where the 710 comes in at 570,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (using a 4 KB I/O block size) and the 810 clocks in at 550,000 IOPS.

The FlashSystem 710 with its SLC module type offers 256 GB per module with various “pack” sizes:
– 4-pack: 9830-AF00 (1TB SLC)
– 8-pack: 9830-AF0G (2TB SLC)
– 12-pack: 9830-AF06 (3TB SLC)
– 16-pack: 9830-AF0H (4TB SLC)
– 20-pack: 9830-AF07 (5TB SLC)

The FlashSystem 810 is similar with its eMLC modules coming in at 512 GB per module with various pack sizes:
– 4-pack: 9830-AF0I (2TB eMLC)
– 8-pack: 9830-AF0L (4TB eMLC)
– 12-pack: 9830-AF09 (6TB eMLC)
– 16-pack: 9830-AF0P (8TB eMLC)
– 20-pack: 9830-AF0A (10TB eMLC)

Multiply these out and we come to:
– Maximum of 5 TB with the maximum 20 flash modules for the 710
– Maximum of 10 TB with the maximum 20 flash modules for the 810

Both the 710 (9830-AS1) and 810 (9830-AE1) have original IBM list prices of $16,000 (just like the 720 and 820).

Both systems support either the 8 Gb Fibre Channel or 40 Gbps InfiniBand interface modules with list pricing of $8,000 each (just like the 720 and 820). The big price difference in these two is that the fiber channel LC-LC cables list at under $100 and the InfiniBand interface module start at list pricing of $250 and go up to $1,425 (again, just like the 720 and 820).

Flash Storage pricing:
710 module pack sizes
– 4-pack: 9830-AF00 (1TB) $28,500
– 8-pack: 9830-AF0G (2TB) $57,000
– 12-pack: 9830-AF06 (3TB) $85,000
– 16-pack: 9830-AF0H (4TB) $114,000
– 20-pack: 9830-AF07 (5TB) $142,000

810 module pack sizes
– 4-pack: 9830-AF0I (2TB) $28,500
– 8-pack: 9830-AF0L (4TB) $57,000
– 12-pack: 9830-AF09 (6TB) $85,000
– 16-pack: 9830-AF0P (8TB) $114,000
– 20-pack: 9830-AF0A (10TB) $142,000

These are IBM list prices only. Please check with Maximum Midrange for the most recent pricing and availability at 855-932-6627 or email us.

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