Last month we talked about IBM’s 3588-F5A, it’s LTO-5 capabilities and how LTO-5 has great pricing now due to the release of LTO-6.
This is just a quick blog to mention to searchers out there that the IBM TS3100 and TS3200 are also available at Maximum Midrange.
If you are looking for a lower price point than the 3588-F5A, but still want the features of LTO-5 (while keeping the option of LTO-6 open) it’s a great choice.

IBM LTO-5 TS3100/3200 Tape Comparison

DescriptionFeature CodePart Number
Ultrium 5 Fibre Channel Drive3573-824446X2682
Ultrium 5 SAS Drive3573-824546X2683
Ultrium 5 Half-High SAS Drive3573-824746X2685
Ultrium 5 Half-High Fibre Drive3573-824846X2684
LTO-5 tape drives available from Maximum Midrange

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