IBM FC 5877 12X I/O Drawer Expansion UnitThe IBM 5877 12X I/O drawer is in stock at Maximum Midrange and available for immediate purchase. Suggested manufacturer pricing on the FC 5877 is $10,890, Maximum Midrange is currently selling this expansion unit for $3,500 in new condition with an opened box. Contact us for a shipping quote or to submit a purchase inquiry.

This is an older blog post. Check our Product Page for pricing or give us a call for an even faster price (855-932-6627)

IBM 5877 Specifications:

The IBM 5877 I/O drawer is a 4U high, 19-inch I/O drawer that is utilized in IBM Power 750 Express server systems to enhance server expandability and connectivity capabilities. The IBM 5877 expansion unit comes with 10 Peripheral Component Interconnect Express 8x I/O adapter slots and does not contain any disk drives.

For additional information about the IBM FC 5877, questions about additional pricing discounts or to submit a purchase inquiry, call 855-932-6627 and speak directly with the Maximum Midrange sales team.

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