How to save $314,163 on your next Brocade purchase

I recently had the opportunity to help a new client upgrade their existing Brocade BR-DCX4S-0001 chassis by adding two 48 port expansion blades.  From the Brocade product line, together these items are a mid-level appliance but still carry a hefty price tag when new.  The chassis above has a list price of $59,687.  The blades, BR-DCX-2148, which are a 48-port 8Gbps unit have a list price of $91,494.  Our client was able to purchase the blades through us (qty 2) for a total of $39,500.  That’s the purchase price, not the discount.  So that is $143,000 off from list.

Here’s one more scenario on a fully populated chassis:  If a client were to purchase the fully configured BR-DCX4S-0001 with 4ea BR-DCX-2148, list price would be $425,663.  Through Maximum Midrange, cost would be:  $111,500.  A savings of $314,163.   I tried to think of why someone would not make this purchase and came up with a few possible perceived concerns.  I’ll post these concerns and attempt to alleviate them in future blogs.
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