It's not old... It's Vintage!

It’s not old… It’s Vintage!

Affordable: Check
Reliable: Check
Vintage: Check

We’re talking about the IBM eServer pSeries RS/6000 7043-150.
Sure, it’s getting a little gray, but there are a bunch out there still in use for mechanical design, desktop workstations and departmental or small business workgroup servers.
Heck, you can run a truck full of these in parallel and have your own turn of the century super computer!

Seriously, we do keep these in stock and they still sell. We also have all the replacement parts you would ever need for the IBM 7043-150.

Check out the specs below and give us a call (855-932-6627) or contact us if you want some ideas for usage or need replacement parts or hot-spares handy.

IBM eServer pSeries RS/6000 7043-150

Processor1 2-Way @ 375 MHz
ArchitecturePOWER PC 604e
Data Cache32 KB
Instruction Cache32 KB
L2 Cache1.0 MB
Bus TypeMultiple
Bus Slots5 32 ibt PCI
Bus Speed33 MHz
Main Memory128 MB - 1 GB 83MHz 64-bit ECC SDRAM
Memory Slots4
Memory ConfigurationSingle
Drive Bays2
Min/max internal disk storage36.4GB/91.0GB
Media Bays3 (including 1.44 MB floppy drive!)
Integrated SCSIUltra SCSI LVD 68-pin HD
Ultra SCSI SE and Ultra SCSI Diff
PCI 2-Channel Ultra3 SCSI
PCI 4-Channel Ultra3 SCSI RAID
SSA Advanced Serial RAID Plus
Integrated Ethernet10/100
32x CD Drive, Stereo Audio Ports
AIX Support4.2.1 to 5.3
Width16.5 in
Depth18.1 in
Height6.5 in
Weight32lbs(base config) 40lbs(max config)
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