What is Enterprise-level?

If you’re reading this blog, you have likely heard the term “Enterprise-level” or  “Enterprise-class”.
At Maximum Midrange, we hear it often.
Every day? Yep.
Every hour? Probably.

What does it mean?
In our opinion, Enterprise-level is not just about size. It is more about where the tip of the iceberg depends on what is under the water line to keep it upright.

A 7-11 convenience store is not Enterprise-level, but the 7-11 corporation as a whole is Enterprise-level. The corporation depends on the stores and vice-versa. The stores and the headquarters all work towards a common goal, but go about it differently.
The stores might focus on cleanliness, customer service, and in-stock items. The corporate office might focus on purchasing power, marketing, and communications.
Different strategies – Common goal.

Shrink this down to a local courier company with 20 trucks. Again, all working towards a common goal, but going about it in different ways.
The courier office is in constant communication with their drivers and with customers to keep deliveries organized and on time.  Another part of the office is handling accounting while another might be working on marketing and internet presence. The drivers focus on organizational skills and customer service.
Different strategies – Common goal.

Shrink this further to a courier company with two trucks. Is it Enterprise-level? Probably not, because the term Enterprise-level also factors in hardware and software.
The 20 truck courier company is probably running at least one centralized server with networking switches and hubs spread throughout. They might be using custom software to track their deliveries and drivers.

The three truck courier company might not even have an office, and if there is an office, it probably contains one phone and a computer. They have no use yet for a server or 48 port switch yet.

Enterprise-level is a combination of size and multiple factions from one company working together towards a common goal.

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