GBIC XFP SFP and SFP+ are all types of hot-pluggable transceivers that transmit and receive in order to convert between optical and electrical signals so your network hardware can interface with fiber optic and copper standards.



Transceivers are usually designated by their transmission speed, but are sometimes labeled with their nominal Ethernet speed or a higher speed specified by the manufacturer. So, if your not sure what is needed for your enterprise, Maximum Midrange can help.

Along with that, pricing on transceivers can be tricky when purchased with other network hardware as a package.
Mark up on transceivers can often be over 300%, so check with us for comparison pricing before finalizing your purchases.

For full transceiver compatibility and the most recent pricing and lead times (if any) please contact us in whatever way is easiest for you:

Table 1 shows a general comparison of specs between GBIC XFP SFP and SFP+ Transceivers.
Speed and transmission distance maximums are a combination of factors such as ethernet, multi-mode fiber, single mode fiber and wavelength (nm) (see Table 2).

Transceiver Comparison

SFP Wavelength Distance and Speed

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