IBM 3576-8442 LTO7 FC Tape Drive

What is the 3576-8442 tape drive? IBM feature 8442 provides one IBM LTO Ultrium 7 Tape Drive with a dual-port Fibre Channel interface into a TS3310 Tape Library. The tape drive has a LC connector.

Pricing: Maximum Midrange’s current (as of the writing) price for the 3576-8442 LTO7 FC tape drive is $9,650 for a new factory sealed unit.
(For a comparison, current MSRP is $23,500 and government discount pricing is $14,439.)
Generally, when a new tape standard comes out (as LTO8 did recently) pricing on the previous version will go down.
So, it’s best to check with us for current pricing.

What Is LTO7: LTO7 tape backup is one generation back from the recently released LTO8 format (IBM TS2280 and TS1080 Model F8A).
This puts LTO7 in the sweet spot for price, performance and storage capability.

LTO7 Specs:
– LTO-7 media offers up to 6 terabytes per cartridge native (up to 15 terabytes compressed)
– LTO-7 drive transfer rate is up to 300 MB/sec native, 750 MB/sec compressed
– hardware-based data encryption
– WORM. write-once, read many

IBM LTO7 Compatibility:
– Can read from LTO5
– Can Write to and read from LTO6
– Can Write to and read from LTO7

Further compatibility for feature 8442:
– The 3576-8442 tape drive is meant for the IBM System Storage TS3310 Model L5B (3576-L5B) tape library, which is the base library that can control up to four E9U (3576-E9U) expansion units.

IBM LTO7 Details:
– Recording Capacity not Compressed): 6TB
– Recording Capacity Compressed: 15TB
– Maximum Data Transfer Rate not Compressed: 300MB/s
– Maximum Data Transfer Rate Compressed: 750MB/s
– Number of Data Tracks: 3,584
– Cartridge Memory: 16,352 bytes
– Tape Width: 12.65mm
– Tape Thickness: 5.6μm
– Tape Length: 960m

IBM LTO7 tape drives pricing or info request:

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