HP Superdome 2 VS IBM P7 780

Which one is better?
Short answer: It’s complicated.
Long answer: Read on.

The specs are pretty easy to list, but really do not tell the story in this case.

HP Superdome - IBM P7 780 Specs

Modules/BladesMax 4Max 4
Max # of CPU16 CPUs at 128 cores32 CPUs at 256 cores
CPU Options3.72 GHz - 8 core1.6 GHz - 4 core
4.42 GHz - 4 core1.73 GHz - 4 core
2.13 GHz - 8 core
2.53 GHz - 8 core
Level 2 cache256 KB per core256-512 kb
Level 3 cache10 MB per core5-8 mb
Memory4 TB Max4 TB Max

It is difficult to find head-to-head comparisons on these machines as neither IBM nor HP will use the same benchmarks and HP has a problem of releasing any kind of benchmarking at all on the Superdome 2.

In general, with the IBM P7 780, you are going to need fewer processors to keep up with the HP Superdome. The performance per core of the IBM is about twice that of the Itanium/Tukwila processors in the Superdome and about half the power consumption as well.

Fewer processors means less money for hardware and less money spent for energy usage.

For future upgrades, IBM has the edge. They have the future mapped out, but HP is offering just two more upgrades to the Itanium line and they have been late in doing so.

So, IBM really does have it all over HP in this case as far as speed goes, but that is not the only factor to consider.

Unless you are in the rare position to just be buying one of these with nothing else in your computing ecosystem, then the IBM is a great choice.

But, if you already run HP gear and need to continue, there is excellent pricing out there on the Superdomes. While they might not be the fastest, they could slot perfectly into your computing environment at a great price.

Are you tied to HP? If not, we suggest the IBM P7 at this point.
Looking to stay with HP? There are excellent deals to be had on the Superdome 2.
Not sure? We offer free before the sale consulting and can help you make a decision.

Are we off our rocker on this one?
Let us know in the comments below or email us: blog@maximummidrang.com




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