IBM P7 Controllers, Adapters, Backplanes, Memory, Risers and Misc

This is a list of IBM Power 7 hardware that is either in stock or available to Maximum Midrange.
Most of these items can ship the same day depending on the time of your order.
Pricing is trending down on hardware for IBM P7, that is why prices are not listed in this sheet.

Usually our lists are a bit more specific (drives only, memory only, etc) but these are items that are often requested.
That is why we put them into one list.
Hopefully, it makes it easier for you to find the information or pricing that you need.

The majority of these items are compatible with 8202-E4B or 8205-E6B systems, but there are some listed for the 8246-L1C, 8246-L1D, 8246-L1S, 8246-L1T, 8246-L2C, 8246-L2D, 8246-L2S, and 8246-L2T systems.

For full compatibility, or the most recent pricing and lead times (if any) please contact us in whatever way is easiest for you:

Not everything in stock is listed here, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know.

IBM Part NumberDescriptionCCIN / Feature CodeLink to Product Page
74Y5481 Control panel assembly 2BCD 74Y5481
46K4646 Control panel cable Not listed at IBM 46K4646
46K4645 Control panel cable Not listed at IBM 46K4645
74Y6301 Fan cage assembly Not listed at IBM 74Y6301
74Y5220 120 mm fan assembly Not listed at IBM 74Y5220
46K7514 Memory riser 2BCE 46K7514
74Y3278 Memory riser 51CC 74Y3278
74Y6020 Cache battery card 2BCF 74Y6020
74Y5451 Processor VRM 51CB 74Y5451
46K7723 RAID enablement card 2BE1 46K7723
46K7529 GX book assembly 2BDA 46K7529
46K8121 Host Ethernet Adapter Quad 1 Gb copper card 266D 46K8121
74Y2000 Host Ethernet Adapter Dual 10 Gb fiber card 266E 74Y2000
74Y2003 Host Ethernet Adapter Dual 10 Gb copper card 266F 74Y2003
74Y2094 PCIe2 2-port 10 GbE copper card 5288 74Y2094
74Y2095 PCIe2 2-port 10 GbE fiber card 5287 74Y2095
46K5029 External SAS cable assembly Not listed at IBM 46K5029
46K5415 Air divider Not listed at IBM 46K5415
46K5417 Air divider on PCIe riser Not listed at IBM 46K5417
74Y8565 40 mm Fan assembly on PCIe riser 6B1C 74Y8565
74Y3019 PCIe expansion assembly 2BDD 74Y3019
74Y2288 PCIe expansion assembly (Gen2) 2BE6 74Y2288
44V8353 RAID and cache storage controller 2BD9 44V8353
44V8368 RAID storage controller 2BE0 44V8368
46K7496 Disk unit cage assembly Not listed at IBM 46K7496
46K7552 Disk drive backplane 2BD6 46K7552
46K7496 Disk drive backplane 2BD5 46K7496

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