IBM Storwize 2078-24E Small Form Factor Expansion Configuration Pricing ($6950)

What it is: IBM 2078 Storwize V5000 SFF Expansion Model 24E configuration

What it does: Adds Twenty-four slots for 2.5 inch SAS drives to your IBM 2078 Storwize V5000 2078-12C or 2078-24C

What is included in this config:

  • 1 x IBM 2078-24E SFF Expansion Model  (Link is to our main site with more specs)
  • 1 x IBM Feature Code 9730 (2078-9730) Power Cord – PDU Connection
  • 1 x IBM Feature Code ACTA (2078-ACTA) – 0.6m SAS Cable (mSAS HD to mSAS HD)
  • 24 x IBM Feature Code AC62 (2078-AC62)  (00Y5765) 1.2 TB 10,000 rpm 6 Gb SAS 2.5 Inch HDD (Link is to our main site with more specs)

Pricing: As of the writing of this article, the price for this Storwize V5000 SFF Expansion config is $6950.00

Shipping: We ship worldwide with various carriers and only charge what they charge us. Depending on what time you contact us, we can often ship the same day.

How to get it: The easiest way is a quick phone call. Otherwise, multiple contact options are right here:

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