Lenovo Enterprise SSDs and Transfer Speeds

Lenovo / IBM have a couple of oddball transfer speeds in their SSD lineup, so we put together a quick cheat sheet of how the SSD Enterprise categories look.

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Just a note on these transfer speeds.

Generally for these drives:

  • SATA = 6Gbps
  • SAS = 12Gbps
  • PCIe = 4GBps

GBps with PCIe does not equal Gbps with SAS and SATA

PCIe technology enables interface speeds of up to 1GB/s per client lane (PCIe 3.0), versus today’s SATA technology speeds of up to 0.6GB/s (SATA 3.0).
More lanes from SATA require more SATA devices, but PCIe bandwidth can be scaled up to 16 lanes on a one device.

A gigabit (Gb) equals 1,000,000,000 bits. When it’s written as Gbps (short for Gigabits per second) transfer rates are 1,000,000,000 bits per second.

When it’s written as GBps (short for Gigabytes per second). Transfer rates are 8000 million bits per second.

So, one gigabit is equal to 1 million bits, and one gigabyte is equal to 8000 million bits.

Transfer Speed Interface Lenovo SSD Category Links to verification of speeds
6 Gbps SATA Enterprise Entry https://lenovopress.com/lp0075-pm863-enterprise-entry-sata-ssd
12 Gbps SAS Enterprise Entry https://lenovopress.com/lp1257-thinksystem-pm1643a-entry-12gb-sas-ssds
6 Gbps SATA Enterprise Value https://lenovopress.com/tips0879
4 GBps PCIe Enterprise Value https://lenovopress.com/lp0611-pm963-nvme-enterprise-value-pcie-ssd
6 Gbps SATA Enterprise Mainstream https://lenovopress.com/lp0926-5200-mainstream-sata-6gb-ssd
12 Gbps SAS Enterprise Mainstream https://lenovopress.com/lp0085-pm1635-enterprise-mainstream-12gb-sas-ssd
6 Gbps SATA Enterprise Mainstream Plus From specs on Enterprise mainstream Plus SSD with Part Number 00NA689
12 Gbps SAS Enterprise Mainstream Plus https://lenovopress.com/tips1069-serveraid-m5210-sas-sata-controller
4 GBps PCIe Enterprise Mainstream PCIe https://lenovopress.com/lp0628-px04pmb-nvme-mainstream-pcie-ssd
6 Gbps SATA Enterprise Performance https://lenovopress.com/lp0055-s3710-enterprise-performance-sata-ssds
12 Gbps SAS Enterprise Performance https://lenovopress.com/lp0568-12gb-sas-enterprise-performance-ssds
6 Gbps SAS Enterprise Capacity https://lenovopress.com/tips1297-enterprise-capacity-ssd
12 Gbps SAS Enterprise Capacity https://lenovopress.com/lp0612-pm1633a-enterprise-capacity-12gb-sas-ssd

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