Maximum Midrange Lenovo Pricing – May 2017

Pricing on this list is good through May 2017.
If you find this list after that date, please contact us for the current price.
We would love to hear from you!

Delivery and installation is not included in these prices, but we would be happy to help with one or both of those and Lenovo Maintenance is not included with these prices, but is available.

The drives are primarily compatible with x Series including:

  • Lenovo System x3250 M5 (5458)
  • Lenovo System x3250 M6 (3633,3943)
  • Lenovo System x3500 M5 (5464)
  • Lenovo System x3550 M5 (5463, 8869)
  • Lenovo System x3650 M5 (5462, 8871)
  • Lenovo System x3750 M4 (8753)
  • Lenovo System x3850 X6 (6241)
  • Lenovo System x3950 X6 (6241)

The power supplies are also compatible with x Series servers (primarily the System x3650 M5), but also compatible with:

  • Lenovo Storage DX8200C StorSelect
  • Lenovo Storage DX8200N StorSelect

Lenovo Pricing - 05-10-2017

SBB NumberOption NumberFeature CodeDescriptionPrice
00WG702 00WG700 AT8C 1.2TB 10K 12Gbps SAS 2.5" G3HS HDD SFF $295
00AD077 00AD075 A48S 1.2TB 10K 6Gbps SAS 2.5 G2HS HDD SFF $310
00NA243 00NA241 ASBF 600GB 10K 12Gbps SAS 2.5" G3HS 512e HDD SFF $205
00FK933 00FK932 A5EU System x 750W High Efficiency Platinum AC Power Supply $135
00FK391 00KA096 A5AY System x 750W High Efficiency Platinum AC Power Supply $169
00AE913 00AE912 A5M0 N2225 SAS/SATA Hba Low Profile Half-length PCIe x8 $220

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