This testimonial came via email last week.
While we frequently hear nice words similar to this on the phone, it’s not so often that someone takes the time to write it down.
So, we wanted to share.

My name is Steven, I am the Senior Systems Analyst / Operations Manager for an engineering company with 400 users.

We have been utilizing Maximum Midrange as a supplier since 2014. During this time we have sourced them to provide a variety of equipment and hard to find items to support our aging infrastructure. Our sales Rep Tom is incredible at finding hard to find parts and providing them to us at an excellent price. We often have had to get these parts in a very short time frame, and Tom has always been able to air ship them to us with in a 24 to 48 hr time frame. Obviously this made our, and my lives easier, and it helps to mitigate the potential for down time.

In the four years we have had the relationship with Maximum Midrange we have sourced a variety of hardware from older Blade servers to memory, and hard drives and hard to find power supplies and system controllers for our older servers, blades and SAN’s. The parts have all been for out of warranty HP equipment but as I understand they can access all vendors and manufacturers when it comes to parts.

To date I have not found another vendor with the kind of inventory that Maximum Midrange has either in the states or in Canada, and with excellent value and cost. All of the parts we have received have either been new or refurbished, and they have been in service in our data center for years now. We have not had a single failure or issue with any of the parts we have received with the exception of two bad disks for our 3par SAN. Once we informed Maximum Midrange of our failures they immediately sent out replacements with in 24hrs to cover off the failed hard drives, and we were back in business with in 36 hrs.

I would highly recommend Maximum Midrange as a vendor and sole source parts provider. I have never had any concerns with the quality of the parts or with the price they have charged. Over the years Maximum Midrange has done nothing but make my life easier when it comes to finding parts for my out of warranty equipment.
If you are looking for this type of vendor to help support your aging infrastructure you have found the right vendor for this initiative.

If I can offer any further accolades regarding Maximum Midrange, feel free to reach out to me and contact me at your convenience.


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