The IBM 5802 is a PCIe 12X I/O storage drawer that contains ten Peripheral Component Interconnect Express 8x I/O adapter slots and eighteen serial attached SCSI hot-swap small form factor drive bays. Implementing the #5802 will expand POWER6 processor-based server I/O performance and capability by supporting higher-speed connections to the server, PCIe 8x adapters and small form-factor disks.

IBM Feature 5802 Drawer Specs & Applications:

  • Four rack-unit tall expansion drawer for use in a 19-inch rack.
  • Ten blind swap Peripheral Component Interconnect Express I/O adapter slots.
  • Eighteen Serial Attached SCSI hot-swap small form-factor disk bays.
  • Up to two drawers can be used in the same 12x loop.
  • Up to 2.6 terabytes of storage utilizing 146GB serial attached SCSI small form-factor hard disk drives.
  • Flexible disk bay configuration options include: one group of 18 bays (with AIX or Linux), two groups of 9 slots (with AIX, IBM i or Linux) and four groups of 4 or 5 bays (with AIX and Linux).
  • 12x interface.
  • Attaches to the main system via 12x double date rate cables.
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supply and cooling units.

The 5802 I/O Drawer is Utilized in the following IBM POWER6 Server Systems:

  • 8202 Power 720 Express Server (8202-E4B)
  • 8203 Power 520 Express Server (8203-E4A)
  • 8204 Power 550 Express Server (8204-E8A)
  • 8205 Power 740 Express Server (8205-E5B)
  • 8234 Power 560 Express Server (8234-EMA)
  • 9117 Power 570 Server (9117-MMA)

FC 5802 Pricing:

The #5802 PCIe 12X I/O storage drawer is currently available at Maximum Midrange. Prices can change if market conditions fluctuate (often to your advantage), so we make getting current prices easy. Go to our 5802 product page, send us an online quote and we’ll respond with a competitive quote that reflects the most up to date pricing available.

Improve your POWER6 server performance and capabilities with the IBM 5802 PCIe 12X I/O storage drawer and improve your bottom line with pricing from Maximum Midrange. Go to our 5802 product page for pricing or call us at 855-932-6627 today.

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